According to the successful examples of overseas development process of biomedical industry and biotechnology park, development model of biomedical science park cluster in Taiwan was integrated with the concept of one-stop shop for biotechnology integrated incubation mechanism.
Advantages over ICT design and manufacturing competence of HSP can be integrated with biomedical industry at the Park to trigger new development of biomedical technology in Taiwan, so as to enhance national competitiveness.


Base Location

The base of “HBSP” is on the 38.1 hectares of industrial area of “HSR Hsinchu Station Special District Project” in Jhubei City, Hsinchu County. Hsinchu City is approximately 8 km southwest of the base, and Jhubei City and Hsinchu County Government are approximately 3 km northwest. The County 120 Expressway to the north is the main traffic artery of the base. The Taiwan Rail (TR) Liujia Line (co-constructed with the High Speed Rail) is in its vicinity, and National Highway No. 1 and Second Freeway are at its two sides. It will take only 10 minutes to get to the park from Jhubei Interchange of National Highway No. 1 or Jhulin Interchange of Second Freeway.

High Speed Rail (HSR) has significantly reduced the traveling time between the Park and Taipei City. The HSR connects to the Taoyuan International Airport and Metropolitan Taipei to the north and Metropolitan Taichung City. The traffic of the Park is extremely convenient.

The Park is in the vicinity of academic institutions such as National Chiao Tung University, National Tsing Hua University and Industrial Technology Research Institute. Moreover, the Park, HSP and Jhunan Biotech Industrial Area (mainly led by National Health Research Institute) jointly constitute the “Biotechnology Development Belt,” which is beneficial to the formation of industrial cluster.


Industry Focus

The Park is one of the major national construction projects. The R&D information sharing of three major centers of the Park aggressively attract internationally well-known biomedical industries and research units. Moreover, the Park is integrated with HSP and industrial advantage of ICT to form a cluster effect. The Park is a platform focusing on development of biotechnology industry in Taiwan.

According to the policy “strengthening industrial incubation” of biotechnology industry promotion strategy in Taiwan, industrial objectives of the Park emphasize on the industrial incubation and development of industries concerning “advanced medical devices” and “pharmaceuticals.”



The Park covers an area of approximately 38.1 hectares, including the layout of medical complex area, incubation R&D area, industrial area, and service facilities. The most significant characteristic is the central green belt penetrating the whole Park and its strong visual effect, which makes it an eye-catching landmark in Hsinchu.


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